Carr Manor Community School


Carr Manor Community School

Carr Manor Community School pledges to put children at the heart of the Inclusive Growth Strategy for Leeds by focusing our pupils on their future pathways and by equipping them with the skills and qualifications necessary to achieve their ambitions.

We will do this by working with all our children and young people between the ages of 4-19 to develop their personal aspiration and their awareness of the world around them and the opportunities they have.  We will work with partners to advise and guide each child and to offer and deliver a curriculum and learning experience that secures the outcomes needed to progress to the best pathway for each child be it further/higher education, employment or training.

We will work proactively to collaborate with families, communities, educational and business partners to place the needs of children first and to close inequality gaps.  We will promote diversity, character, modernity and productivity through our curriculum, guidance and partnership approaches.